“Jerusalem Project ”

Acts 1:8

March 20-24, 2022

The following steps and documentation are to be completed for each person attending the mission project.


1) All Registration forms for the youth who will have completed one of grades 6th thru 12th by summer, must be received by Calvary Baptist Church, NO later than, March 7th, 2022. And notarized.

2) All adult volunteer applications must be received NO later than,  March 7, 2022.  And notarized.

3) A personal background check, must be sent in with all adult volunteer applications.  If your church already runs background checks, you can apply those to this event. These background checks can be obtained on-line. 



We are very excited about seeing God move within the SEARK region.  If you have any question, please feel free at anytime to contact Shady Grove Baptist Church at (870) 367-3298 or Calvary Baptist Church at (870) 367-9833.  All registration forms and volunteer applications are to be mailed to Shady Grove Baptist Church, 111 Hwy 172 , Monticello, AR 71655.



Thanks you, on behalf of SEARK Baptist Teen Mission Coordinators.


Bro. David Jacks and Bro. Gary Carter



jERUSALEM pROJECT  parents / guardians

We are grateful that you are entrusting your youth to the staff of the SEARK Baptist Teen Mission Project team.  In order to make this a wonderful experience for your child, we need your help.  Please turn in completed forms by the deadline.  Please be sure to note any health concerns for your child.  Registration forms MUST be notarized.


A lot of time is given in the planning of this Mission Outreach Project.  The information you provide will help us in scheduling of projects, buying of supplies, and to provide enough leaders to monitor the activities for your child.  All food and snacks will be provided for your child.  We have attached a “What to bring” form, please keep this to aid in packing for this project.


The Mission Outreach Project Registration will be held at Calvary Baptist Church on Sunday, the 20th day of March from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm. The project will come to a close on Thursday, the 24th day of March at 5:00 pm.  At that time all children will be picked up from Shady Grove Baptist Church.


our mission

The mission of Jerusalem Project: is to empower SEARK Baptist Teens with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the needs of others as set by Christ’s example. By providing a safe and supportive environment, Jerusalem Project works to build a legacy of future leaders who strengthen awareness of Jesus in their own lives and recognizing others need of Jesus.


In addition, JP 2022 strives to foster the developmental growth of SEARK Teens spiritually, socially, and emotionally. In order to fulfill its mission, JP 2022 develops projects, and other programming with the following three core values in mind: Salvation, Sanctification, and Service.


With a focus on being God’s witness in our communities, SEARK teens are encouraged to share who they are in Christ with their hands as well as their voice. Moreover, youth are given the opportunity to come out of their shell to explore the varying methods of serving others. Through this, youth are trained to be more social and observant of the needs of others.


SEARK teens also work on building skills in a number of areas such as leadership, communication, carpentry, interpersonal relationship, self-management, and taking responsibility for self and others. These new skills help youth to feel more empowered to make changes not only in their personal lives, but also in their church and communities. We are to make a difference in our world for the honor and glory of Christ.


Pastors of SEARK